Disabled American Veterans Wheelchair Sports Clinic Provides Fun and Freedom

During the spring of 2012, one Smith & Boucher employee, Patrick Hokanson, had the experience of a lifetime, participating in the Disabled American Veterans Wheelchair Sports Clinic. The event is for veterans of the American Armed Services and has been held for over 26 years in Colorado. For the past 16 years the event has been held in Aspen, and it provides activities and events for around 450 veterans. The event is produced by over 1500 volunteers, some of whom have been serving the clinic since its inception.

Patrick participated in several events during the clinic. First, he went with the Elks Club of Basalt to a shooting range, where participants shot several types of rifles. Then he headed to the slopes where he was able to ski using a bi-ski (a sit ski with a moulded bucket seat and two skis that can be skied independently).  “Sitting on the lift again was so awesome to see things from that angle,” Hokanson said.


The most meaningful part of the trip for Hokanson was being around other disabled people as they challenged themselves. Participants included veterans from recent conflicts to World War II, and though they had different injuries, they all could relate to each others’ struggles. 

“I look forward to doing this again next year, seeing most of the same people and taking my family too,” said Hokanson.

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